Swarovski at a glance

Partner Concept

Swarovski Partner Store is a unique business model. You are independent and, at the same
time, you represent the Swarovski brand, since your Swarovski Partner Store does not differ from a Swarovski Store, neither externally nor with regard to customer service. You are responsible for your Store, your range of products and your staff.

You stand out by virtue of a number of factors:
You have a business mind. You already have experience in retailing and are willing to align
with the basic brand requirements. The Swarovski Partner Store concept appeals to you with its excellent combination of security and independence. And, naturally, you are enthusiastic
about crystal, jewelry and decorative objects – as well as the Swarovski brand – and want to convey this to your customers.

Building on a sound financial basis, you aim to lay a solid foundation for success as a
partner of Swarovski.