SCS - Swarovski Crystal Society


The Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS) is a paid VIP membership club which unites crystal enthusiasts of all ages from all over the world.

The personalized SCS card with a unique membership number guarantees access to the
following SCS privileges:


• The option to purchase exclusive SCS products, including the coveted SCS Annual
Editions and other complementary crystal creations.
• An exclusive annual crystal gift not otherwise for sale.
• Special offers and additional surprises. From time to time Swarovski will announce special offers available exclusively to SCS members.


• Complimentary copies of the Swarovski Magazine. A quarterly, award-winning,
crystal life-style publication, catering specifically to the interests of our crystal lovers
worldwide, including beautiful product features and special society section.
• SCS Newsletters with novelties and more.
• Access to the members-only area on the Swarovski website with privileged and
pre-access information.


• Invitations to SCS events. Local, district or national SCS events may be held in your
country and are announced in advance.
• One free admission to the Swarovski Kristallwelten in Wattens, Tyrol per year with
unlimited access to the Swarovski VIP Lounge.
• Direct engagement in the Swarovski Waterschool via the purchase of their
membership, exclusive crystal products and bids for rare limited editions, SCS
members are key contributors to all of our Swarovski Waterschool projects which
teach the principles of sustainable water management and promote responsible
water consumption.
• Competitions

You as a Swarovski Partner can strongly benefit from the SCS. Swarovski helps you to
acquire and continuously engage SCS members in order to build a successful and
sustainable Crystal Living business for your Store.

We provide you with the following tools:

• Guidance and props for a strong POS display of SCS exclusive products within the
visual merchandising context of the unique Crystal Living product assortments.
• Effective SCS promotional literature for member acquisition and a straightforward
registration process.
• Access to premium and engaging SCS collaterals to be able to host SCS events at
your Store and to deepen the relationship with your SCS members and stimulate

Might not be available under certain circumstances.